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2013 Recap

Fortunately 2013 was a very busy year for me. Working with Goodcop’s Laurence Hamburger, Daniel Levi, Michael MacGarry & Oliver Hermanus, as well as Picture Tree’s JH Beetge. There were also number of jobs for Egg Film’s Bruno Bossi, including the Silver Loerie awarded Mercedes-Benz ads.   I also recut some footage from a music video directed by Erik Van Wyk. He had built a Rototrope which  is a zoetrope device that captures frames to create a visual effect. The device and process itself became a visual installation. This is what it looked like, and what it did.  

Another year gone…

2013. Done. Every year really does disappear quicker than the previous one. January is a see how long you can hold your breath for type of month. A post holiday empty wallet, is like an atmosphere without oxygen. February, isn’t really a real month is it, falling short of the normal quota of days, simply moves us into 2nd gear, as we traverse the year. March arrives and blends into Easter. No one ever really knows when Easter actually is, as we’ve been eating hot-cross buns since the mince pies left the shelves. To confuse matters more, Easter never has […]