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Another year gone…

2013. Done.

Every year really does disappear quicker than the previous one. January is a see how long you can hold your breath for type of month. A post holiday empty wallet, is like an atmosphere without oxygen.

February, isn’t really a real month is it, falling short of the normal quota of days, simply moves us into 2nd gear, as we traverse the year.

March arrives and blends into Easter. No one ever really knows when Easter actually is, as we’ve been eating hot-cross buns since the mince pies left the shelves. To confuse matters more, Easter never has a set date, and varies from year to year.

So before we know it we’re in 3rd gear now, revs climbing and May upon us.

We’re now in the fifth month of the year!

While we try come to grasps with that, and if you live in Cape Town, the knowledge that winter is nigh, May is swept up with the last of the fallen leaves.

Welcome mid-year, the hump. This, unlike the weekly hump (usually a Wednesday), does not last 24hours. With a duration of three months, we’re in for the long haul, baton down the hatches, get your winter warmers on and open a bottle of red wine… or two. Cruising along in 4th now, this is definitely when the year slows down. “Nothing to see or do here, move along.”, the shared proclamation.

1 September arrives out of the blue, a bit like those flowers did in your garden. Everyone you bump into literally has a spring in their step, friendly, smiling… even striking up conversation with the car guards. Up to 5th gear now, the third quarter of the year moves along a good pace.

BOOM! Less than 9 weeks until Christmas.

“What? What the hell happened, what have I done this year?”

Some how you’re in a 6th gear you didn’t even know you had. This time of year really is a mad rush, which is why I think there is a holiday at the end of it. It’s these last weeks that drain the last of your fuel. Right up until the Christmas it’s non stop, if not with work, certainly fighting crowds for a spot at the beach or a table at your local.

Just as the last of the fumes in your tank have dissipated… we get to refuel. Thank goodness. Cue 1 January, New Years day… when reality sets in.

“All aboard”

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